I started with one blog, increased to two, and found myself with three before too long.  Well, three is too many.  I'd resisted the urge to have a "mommy blog" for many, many reasons, most of which have disappeared after reading so many wonderful blogs by other mothers.  The main purpose in having two separate personal blogs (the third is about a book project I'm doing) was to give myself a space to be someone other than a mother.

However, in writing the blogs, I've learned that there is really no part of my life that has remained untouched by the birth of my son, so there is very little point in artificially separating my thoughts, goals, or funny stories.  And so, whether you were following one or both blogs, I'm settling into Team Rasler and retiring Some Wisdom to Know the Difference.  I am still aiming for wisdom, but how my Team is doing has everything to do with my quest and is the reason for it in the first place.

So I hope you will keep following along there and offering up your own words of wisdom and encouragement.  I appreciate them all!

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  1. I would find it hard to keep those separated, too.