Multiple personalities

As I juggle two blogs, I often ask myself why I have two in the first place.  Isn't one enough?  (Ok, I actually have three, but my Newbery project blog seems very separate from the writing I do about my life, so it doesn't count for this conundrum.) 

The reason I started this particular one was to have a place to be all the different roles I play, not just The Mama.  Nevertheless, I find myself occasionally wondering where to put a particular thought or post because I know that other parents find themselves here, and there's no real way to separate my being a mom from the other thoughts and dilemmas I'm currently facing.

So, this is just a note to let those parents know that there are occasionally entertaining stories and thoughts about motherhood and my toddler on my other blog. At some point I may meld them, but as I work through trying to figure out what else I'm doing with my life, it's nice to keep grandparent-friendly stories separate. 

I'll be back tomorrow with more thoughts on my happiness project, which still needs a name.  Project Wisdom?  Seems presumptuous.  Project Serenity?  Perhaps, since that's the one I typically lack.  It doesn't sound snappy, though, and I like alliteration, so I may keep thinking about it.  Suggestions welcome.

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