My Christmas wish list

My dear brother asked me last month what I wanted for my birthday, and I came up with three ideas before I finally settled on what would be a reasonable one.  Why was it so hard to come up with a suggestion?  Everything I could think of that I wanted was either a) for my son (ha!) or b) way too expensive.  The solution should have been to tell him that I didn't need a gift because he was the best brother ever just for giving me the chance to ask for something, but clearly I'M NOT THAT NICE.  So we traded emails for a while before I told him I'd love a subscription to Real Simple.

But now MommyBrain and SupahMommy have asked me to go on a virtual shopping spree, and here I get to say what fabulousness I would buy if it were on someone else's tab (and I wouldn't feel guilty about it).  I think the idea was to get new clothes, accessories, etc., but I'm in need of Stacey and Clinton's help for that one, so here are my nonbeauty items that I'm currently coveting...

1) The Nook.  I was wanting a Kindle desperately after my friend Katie showed up here sporting her new one, but then I saw the email from Barnes & Noble for their new e-reader -- IN COLOR.  Joy!  I've had an ebook in the past and liked it, though I did miss the feel of an actual book.  But having an eReader that could let me travel with less luggage would be amazing, and being able to download a new book from anywhere?  How did I ever live without this capability??  Since I make regular trips to the library with The Toddler, I have NO NEED of this.  But that's hardly the point, right?

2) A new washer and dryer.  I want a front-loading washer to save money and water, and a dryer that has a moisture-sensor that will turn off when the load is dry.  Having them on pedestals would be incredible, but with the built-in cupboards we have over our machines in the laundry room now, may not be feasible.  And ripping out build-in cupboards is far beyond my DIY capacity.  So I'll settle for the shiny new appliances just on the ground.

3)  A four-bedroom house.  What, I can't buy a house?  There are no rules to this shopping spree, are there?  Since I live so far from most of my nearest and dearest, we are in need of a guest room that doesn't double as an office (or a someday second child's room).  There are many things about the house we're in that I currently love, but the lack of guest room is going to cramp everyone's style when the next Rasler makes an appearance.  Sure this is still in the hypothetical stage, but a girl can dream of a new house anyway.  Other qualities I want: a laundry room that isn't next to a baby's room (having it on the second floor seemed so brilliant before he was born!), a backyard that opens out into enough space to watch munchkins play on the lawn, and a window seat.  A bigger house would also give me room to buy a piano, which wouldn't ever fit in our current living room.  This house already has everything else I love, including a great neighborhood (and great neighbors!), so if we could move to a house like this, say, down the street, that would be stellar.

4) Speaking of lawns, I'd also like a gardener (one who looks like this?  Bonus!).  No, I'm not trying to buy a whole person, but having someone come in, landscape the place, and then maintain it would be a dream come true.  My husband and I hate yardwork, but we also hate how the yard looks when we try to pretend it isn't there.  Every two months or so, we'll get all pseudo-committed, buy a bunch of products and plants and whatnot, work vigorously for one Saturday, and then leave it all to die by the wayside.  It's not a pretty sight, and it's a good thing our neighbors like us.

5) Finally, I have my eye on a Ford Escape Hybrid.  Trying to get a toddler in and out of my beautiful blue Camry has been difficult lately, especially for my husband who is 6'1".  And if there is a toddler and another one at some point?  Forget it.  Yes, I like not having a car payment, and it's not clear whether a hybrid SUV can save me money on gas compared to my economical sedan, so if the shopping spree fairy could give me the money to buy this car outright, I'm all over it. 

Now you see why I had no ideas to give my poor brother, right?

But...Santa, are you listening??


  1. the plants part was SOO FUNNY. I currently have 3 pots on my porch; DEAD.

    XOXOXO so glad you played and i AM SAVING that pic of the laundry room.. for when i make over mine..

    no time soon

  2. Landscaping is over-rated. Just be a good neighbor, don't let junk pile up around your house and don't park on the neighbor's lawn. Rules to live by...ya know?

  3. What a fabulous list! I want the last three items....especially number 4:)

  4. Love it! I was tempted to mention an addition for our house to make it 4 bedroom - but we haven't actually moved in yet, so it seemed a bit too soon... ;)

  5. I am wit' 'choo on the Ford Escape Hybrid. I want one too!

  6. should I be worried if I draw your name for our Christmas exchange???

  7. If Santa brings you that gardener, let me know.

  8. Your neighbors do like you ... A LOT ... dead plants and all :)

    Loving that Nook ... gotta check out the specs!

    And you know I hear ya on the four-bedroom house issue ... hoping our many, many out-of-town guests like the couch!

    Thanks for joining us :)

    We'd love a visit soon!

  9. I totally should have thought in this direction! I'll take a house, too. lol