The new rule in effect

I already have two garbage bags full of clothes ready to go, and I haven't even finished tackling the closet yet!  Someone decided not to take a full nap yesterday (boo).   (See yesterday's post for what I'm up to if you're confused).  Some things were hard to decide on like pajamas, since I have a lot of them that I like and really would wear in front of my in-laws.  However, I forced myself to play favorites with my clothes, and I try not to listen when I hear them calling to me from inside the garbage bag.

I decided the rule was more helpful than my old one about just giving away the things I haven't worn in a year, because there were some clothes hanging around that I do wear, but they just aren't that great.  I must know this deep down because as soon as I asked myself if I would really take them on vacation, I knew I would not, and out they went.  My best example is a white t-shirt with a pink heart on it.  I do wear it under sweaters sometimes, and I like it for Valentine's Day, so I started to put it back in my drawer.  Then I thought about it:  If I were going on vacation in February, would I take this for the 14th?  Or would I take the soft pink sweater and a white t-shirt from Ann Taylor?  No contest.  Goodbye, heart shirt.

A conundrum: what does one do with unwanted underwear?  No one else is going to buy or wear it, but that's a lot of perfectly good fabric to throw out.  If I am honest with myself, I will NEVER use it, even if I cut it up and pretend I will do something with the usable scraps.  So I think that goes into the garbage bag unless anyone has other ideas.

That reminds me, I always feel a little guilty about donating clothes in a garbage bag as though they are trash, when really most of them just aren't my favorites or don't fit me.  But there's nothing so easy for this kind of decluttering than trash bags, so I guess I just have to be grateful there are people who work for Good Will who take it out of the bags, sort it, and make it look nice in the store.

I'll head back to the closet this afternoon and see what's left when the purging is done.  Then perhaps it will be time to schedule my shopping spree.  Black Friday is coming up!


  1. re: "dainties" for donation, I have always tried to give little-worn items (read: things purchased and then realized the mistake for fit or comfort). If they don't look pretty new after a wash and/or bleach, I throw them out.

    I have added a codicil for my clothes de-cluttering(yes, I had to look up the spelling). I get to keep it if I imagine that I would wear it during an extended power outage rather than wash clothes in a sink. Sadly, this does not allow the inclusion of some favorite sweats and tops which are starting to have small frays. sigh. they will have to go.

  2. I had TEN garbage bags full of clothes to donate sitting down in my entryway. I told Hubs he needed to take them to Goodwill NOW, since we are having company tonight. Even though they are just clothes, I don't want to have to explain that I don't have that much trash sitting out.

  3. It warms my heart reading about purging old clothes :) Way to go Jessica!!! This is my philosophy about clothes: everytime I buy something new, I have to give something up. My closet is already filled to capacity so I HAVE to do this. I love your rule about only keeping clothes you'd wear on vacation!!! Why is it that we wear our best stuff where no one knows us?? Shouldn't it be the other way around?? :)